Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Short Stories, Volume 2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Short Stories 2 - Naoko Takeuchi

And now I have finally reached the end of the series. The previous volume of short stories were really just one shots that took place during the series and were all rather short. This volume only has three chapters and the first two stories are pretty long.


The first one was familiar because it was adapted into the Sailor Moon Movie, Hearts of Ice. The movie was pretty close to the actual manga so if you've seen it you know what it's about. The human version of Luna is one of my favorite character designs.




Human Luna


(show spoiler)


The next story was one I was familiar with due to reading fanfiction with Rei. It's the story of why she hates men and it's an important one that didn't get told in the anime. Though her anime counterpart is fairly different and more outspoken and boy crazy in general.


The last story was a weird alternate universe involving the scouts as grown adults with daughters all the same age who look exactly like them and have their names. Oh and there's a pink cat.


The first two stories were fantastic though and definitely worth reading the volume for.