Everneath - Brodi Ashton

Nikki Perkins has been missing for six months. But for her it was a hundred years. After fighting with her family and breaking up with her boyfriend, she consented to be a "forfeit", a human who feeds the Everliving. Generally they lose their memories and fade into the tunnels to be used for energy. Basically eternal hell.


Nikki however remembers her past and chooses to go back. After six months she will get dragged down to the tunnels. She has six months to figure out how to mend her burned bridges and six months to figure out a way to save herself. 


Complicating things is the Everliving who she nourished, Cole. Her ability to keep her wits about her as a forfeit means that she can become an Everliving and become their new queen. 


Overall I think I liked the book but it is in one of those gray areas where I'm honestly not sure. Regardless I am planning on continuing the series. Mainly because I already have the next book and I feel interested enough to see where it will go. 


Side note, I love this cover.