Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Volume 10

Sailor Moon Vol. 10 - Naoko Takeuchi

And done with the Dead Moon Circus. This volume from start to finish is battle to protect the planet from Queen Nehelenia, a dark equivalent to the Queen Serenity, Usagi's mother.


The Outer Scouts have returned with new transformations to help the fight against the circus, but even with them, they aren't able to defeat the Queen. Sailor Moon gets a vision of the past and why Queen Nehelenia wants to take over the Earth. It borrows from Sleeping Beauty in that she was not invited to the celebration of Princess Serenity's birth (with scenes of adorable toddler scouts and the baby Serenity). She curses the child saying that the Moon Kingdom will fall without the new child ever taking the throne. Queen Serenity seals her away in a mirror, but not in time.


With this information and the help of Mamoru, Usagi is able to awaken the scouts as their planet princess identities and they access the power of their home planets to give Usagi the power to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon. She is able to use her new power with their help, and the help of Mamoru's Golden Crystal of Earth that he has finally been able to access, and she is able to defeat the Queen.


Usagi then has a memory of a conversation with her mother as a child. She heard of a monster who lives in mirrors and eats crybaby children. Queen Serenity tells her that everyone carries a star in their chest and while light and darkness will always be together, as long as they can keep their star shining bright, they can defeat darkness. I know a bit about the next arc, so I enjoyed this tease for it.


With Queen Nehelenia defeated, we get a short scene of Usagi and Mamoru in their Queen Serenity and King Endymion forms.


Only one arc left. I know a bit about it, but not many specifics. I also haven't seen any of the anime since it was never released in the US. At least next year it will start being broadcast on hulu.