Crown of Shadows

Crown of Shadows  - C.S. Friedman

That cover is what got me to buy this series. I hadn't read any of them, but I really liked that cover. I picked up all three, and to my credit I did read the first one. I never picked up the next two. Now with the help of audiobooks, I have finished the series.


R.C. Bray was the narrator and I did complain about him in the first book. His voices for Gerald Terrant and Damien Vryce were too similar for me. There was a difference and after over 60 hours of listening to him I was usually able to tell who was talking. His voices for the rest of the characters were great. I loved his Karril voice and I thought he also did a great voice for the female characters and not all male narrators can do that. His Calesta voice was a bit weird.


So how was the book? A pretty epic finale which brought our protagonists back to the western continent after their adventures in the eastern continent. I won't go into it too much but I will say that I enjoyed it and thought it was well done. The highlight for me over the course of these three books is seeing the relationship between the hunter and the priest develop, to the point where they do actually consider each other friends.