The Skull of the World

The Skull of the World - Kate Forsyth

The Skull of the World returns the readers to Isabeau after her absence in The Forbidden Land. I missed her. She is the arguably the central character of the series and while I liked the last book, I wanted to see what she was doing.


When we last left her, she was splitting her time between her father's people and a nearby tower where her parents now reside. The book starts with her going on her naming quest for her father's group. While she finds her name, she also finds a new ability. She can shapeshift into different animals. After receiving her name, she can finally return to help her sister and brother-in-law who are still attempting to restore order to Eileanan. It's a busy family.


Shortly after returning, an old enemy captures the prionnsa, her nephew and the heir, and his friend. Isabeau manages to track them down and help figure out who has been spilling secrets to their enemies.


She also refinds Maya and her daughter, who technically should be the heir and I wonder if that will be settled in the final book.


The book ends with the land of Elieanan finally settling down into peace, but the closing moments show the Fairgean ready to attack. We also got to meet one of their princes throughout the book and get an insight into their life. With one book left, I am curious how it will all be wrapped up. I am excited to finally finish this series after so many years :)