Storm's Heart

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison

Finally continuing on the Elder Races series. I read the first one about two years ago randomly and I remember being convinced at the time that Rune would be the focus of the next one, until I read the preview and saw that it was Tiago and Tricks. On my second read through last month, it was obvious to me.

Overall, I liked the book, but not as much as Dragon Bound. I did like the couple and they were fun to read about. I liked seeing the different Elder Races interact and learning more about them. I do expect to see more from Tiago and Tricks in the future, since while there was a basic HEA, it was clear that they will have to make a lot of decisions in the future.


I did figure out, well at least seriously suspect, the person who was trying to kill Tricks. I thought it was drawn out enough that I wasn't 100%.


I will continue on with this series. When would depend on what the next shelf call is for SOS Bingo!