Lover Unleashed

Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - J.R. Ward

Overall, I liked it, but not as much as some of the other books. You can see where it fell in my ranking after the jump.



I liked Payne and was excited for her book since I found out it existed, but I was a bit let down that a fair amount of her book was her injured and she was actually cured by sexual healing. Yes, that song was stuck in my head for the rest of the book.


I liked Manny as well, and it was nice to see a human male, though by the end of the book it's revealed he's not actually human. I hope this plot thread goes somewhere and we find out who his and Butch's father is. I'm not sure if he'll undergo the same transition since he seems content with staying human and having Payne keep him healthy.


I was surprised to have nothing out of John Matthew. I did wonder in my last review if since we finally had his book, we wouldn't see his POV again and that actually happened. I like John so I would've been happy to read his thoughts on some of the events.


A good part of this book was Jane and Vishous part 2 and Blay and Quinn angst part 1 million. I liked that we revisited Jane and Vishous and I think I got some more closure out of them that wasn't in their book, so I am a bigger fan of the couple than I was previously.


Blay and Quinn, gah, I still have another book till I get to them. And I'm betting I'll still be hearing from them in the next book. I was happy that Quinn was honest with Layla, I was worried that was going to be an issue. I do hope she gets paired up with someone.


Also, Jose has been making quite a few appearances in the last few books and recently found out Butch is alive. Unfortunately, we didn't get a lot more into it than that, but I'm curious to see what his role will be in all of this.


No new developments on Muhrder. I hope that plot doesn't die. I'd like to see more of him and see where he ends up.


The new villians with Xcor and his gang will be interesting, but didn't do a lot in this book. I expect to see more of them in the next book as their plan actually gets underway.

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9. Lover Revealed - Never liked Butch as a character and using baby as a term of endearment creeps me out. I did like Marissa's development and changes over the course of the book.

8. Lover Unbound - Almost no progress on the overall storyline and while I didn't dislike the Jane/Vishous, I was not able to get into rooting for them like I have for other couples.

7. Dark Lover - The first book always has to setting up the world while also having a romance. It did a good job of getting me into the series and I do like Wrath and Beth, but it felt rushed and I don't like it as much as the other books.

6. Lover Enshrined - I wanted to knock sense into Phury the entire book, but he did pull through and I like the changes he made to the society and I really liked Cormia.

5. Lover Revealed - Nothing against Rhage and Mary, but I love Zsadist and Bella and this is where their story starts

4. Lover Unleashed - Overall liked and there were a lot of other plot threads that kept me interested.

3. Lover Mine - Really good progress on the overall story and I liked the couple.

2. Lover Avenged - Really good progress on the overall story and I loved the couple.

1. Lover Awakened - Bella and Zsadist are hands down my favorite couple and this was a great book. Gah the ending!!