Earth 2, Vol. 1: The Gathering

Earth 2, Vol. 1: The Gathering - James Robinson, Nicola Scott

Here's another book I randomly picked up for cheap a few months ago. So DC decided to cancel all their ongoing series and reboot them, which totaled 52 series and is referred to as "The New 52"


I've seen references to it over the last two years but did look it up to see exactly what it meant. This series is of a parallel earth and in the first few pages, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman perish in a battle against aliens and their two allies, Supergirl and the current Robin go through a wormhole type of thing and are gone.


Most of this story takes place five years later with new versions of the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkeye, and the Atom, end up coming together to destroy a new enemy.


If you remember a few years ago there were some reports that DC was going to retcon one of their main superheroes to be gay/lesbian. The Green Lantern (who is also actually the original Green Lantern, but hasn't been the main one for a while, it's a long story that I didn't get to go all through to explain) was revealed as the chosen character. So by main character, it's a version of the main character in a different universe.


Still, I liked his character and he probably had the main role in this volume. I don't think I'll pick up any more though. I have a few others of the New 52 so I'll see what I think of them.