Thor & Loki

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers - Rod Rodi, Esad Ribic

Quick PSA: I'm behind on books for my goal and will be reading a lot of manga/graphic novels to get caught up. I'll try keep my review posts to one a day.


I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I've never read a lot of comics. Amazon has been having some good kindle sales and I've been slowly building up a collection.


I decided to start with this Thor and Loki tale since, well:



Let's just say I would kneel.


This is a short story in a universe where Loki succeeds at taking the throne of Asgard. He soon realizes it may not be all that he wanted. You know when you're an evil villain, and you get supporters by promising well when I'm King type of things, and then when you are King they want to cash in. Like Scar in The Lion King.


I'm interested if anything from this story will come into play for the MCU considering a few event from Thor: The Dark World and Agents of Shield. Lorelei does make a short appearance and she has been cast.


And behind the jump, Tom Hiddleston Dancing gifs.