When True Night Falls

When True Night Falls  - C.S. Friedman

After many years, I am now two thirds of the way though the Coldfire Trilogy books which i picked up so many years ago.


When True Night Falls picks up right after Black Sun Rising finishes with the priest and the hunter traveling to the western continent to investigate where the demons came from. It actually had a pretty decent recap in the beginning, but I'm glad I re-read Black Sun Rising, because I did not remember most of it.


The first chapter was also a highlight since it took place shortly after landfall about 12 centuries ago and reveals the struggle of those initial colonists trying to survive on a new planet.


My favorite part of this book was still the relationship between Tarrant and Vyrce and I'm excited to see how it all ends between the two of them. Hesseth was also a favorite and I ended up liked Jenseny, though I wasn't sure where her character was going for most of the book.

Rest in peace to them both. I was so pissed when Hesseth died. Though the scene between Damian and Jenseny after Hesseth's sacrifice was my favorite overall. And I'm not even religious.

(show spoiler)