Secret - Brigid Kemmerer

See this is what happens when I like a book. I can devour it in a day.


One thing I did not like about this book is that there was no novella???? Why? Since the first novella Elemental is what got me into the series, I eagerly awaited an announcement. 


For example, Secret would not be what it was without knowing what happened in Breathless, which is why I was upset that we didn't have one. I wanted more Chris or Gabe :(


Gabriel is still my favorite, mainly because being an Aries myself, I will always go for a fire user.



This book was a bit similar to Spark in that both brothers struggle with a secret and keeping things to themselves, before finally trusting in their family and making peace with themselves. I also would have preferred more story progress on the guides than there was. That first chapter got me excited for the new guide, and then we really did not see very much of him. He was in three scenes? But Nick and Quinn's stories were both compelling and definitely made up for it. I loved the relationships and was really surprised by the development of Tyler. I do have to reread his portions to see if he really was just always going along with Seth. I'm curious.


I was disappointed to see one of my theories destroyed. I had been hoping that Emily was not actually dead and managed to get away and Michael was covering for her. Maybe he still could be?? I'm hopeful. I am really worried by his book title, Sacrifice. I really like all the characters and don't want to see any of them dead. 

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