Dining with the Doctor

Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook - Chris-Rachael Oseland

Dining with the Doctor is a cookbook of recipes inspired by Doctor Who. Specifically episodes of the reboot. I forget exactly how far it went up (may have been to the end of season 7).


The recipes are fun, I made the Weeping Angel Wings inspired by "Blink" of course for when we had people over to watch the simulcast of the 50th anniversary episode. They turned out fine, not perfect but edible. I had to change a few of the ingredients because we didn't have them. And then my husband bought way too many pieces of chicken.


I will say it looked like most of the recipes were alcoholic. I haven't tried any yet, but will probably try a few for when when have people over. But if you don't drink I wouldn't recommend this book.