Fables Volume 12: The Dark Ages

Fables, Vol. 12: The Dark Ages - Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Peter Gross, Andrew Pepoy, Mike Allred, David Hahn

The Dark Ages picks up where Volume 11 left off,

with the defeat of the Adversary. There's a fair amount of fallout from the decision to admit Gepetto as a member of fabletown, but it's revealed to have been part of a deal for Pinocchio to help them.


We also get to see Charming's funeral. I really liked his character and I'm still a bit upset. Then Boy Blue apparently dies. There is talk of him coming back, which has been mentioned as being possible for the stronger fables. No one mentioned this for Charming though, but I now have my hopes up that he will return.


A few of the farm fables also took it upon themselves to bury Gepetto, I wonder how long that will last since they didn't even notice he was missing yet.


The main storyline, along with all these other issues, is I guess the reawakening of Mister Dark who appears like he will be the new "Big Bad". Oh and Fabletown is now gone and Baba Yaga is freed. I'm also intrigued by the short appearance of a member of the "Society of Seconds" which represents second-, third-, fourth-generation Fables who do not have a homeland to return to. I'm sure they will pop up again and it does represent an interesting problem now with Fabletown being gone.


Next volume is the crossover. I intially thought that it would be the battle between the Adversary and the Fables but since that's already happened, I wonder what it will be about.

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