Opened Ground: Selected Poems, 1966-1996 - Seamus Heaney

I picked this book to comply with the Literary Awards Mini Challenge from the 2013 Reading Challenge group to read a book by an author who has received the Nobel Prize in Literature. I went through the list and ended up with Seamus Heaney. He wrote in English and I haven't read a lot of poetry.I didn't realize till after that I had already read a book by him: Beowulf, which I read in high school and the only thing I remember about it is that Beowulf refused to die in the end. I think I'll try give it another chance at some point.Anyway, this book brings together many of the author's famous poems over the years. I unfortunately had numerous books out from the library so I read this faster than I initially planned to and was not able to take my time going through all the poems. Also, as I have mentioned in other reviews, English class was not my forte.I liked many of his poems, particularly the translations of Greek poems since I love Greek mythology. I did also laugh that there were passages from the Aeneid translated since I have also translated parts when I took Latin in high school. Seamus Heaney did a better job than me not surprisingly.