The Selection

The Selection -

I didn't finish the book and go "That was awful and one of the worst things I have read. How did I get through that." Hence not getting 1 star. It was a short and easy read. This a book to borrow from the library. Not to buy.


Just one extra point I wanted to make on the subject of the ridiculous names. I read a fair amount of fantasy and sci-fi. I am used to weird names. They can be weird. They need to make sense in the world.


Let's take Hunger Games for a recent example. Katniss, Glimmer, Gloss, Marvel, Cato, Rue, Thresh etc. All weird names by today's standard. However, they work with the story line of being representative of the culture of each district. They were names not currently used at the time of publication. Some are becoming popular now (like Rue) but they were rarely seen before.


But The Selection? It sounds like a teenager today named the characters. Not some futuristic world.