Boundless - Cynthia Hand

This is a difficult book to review. I really enjoyed the first two and had held up this series as a long triangle done right. I would not recommend it for that reason any more.What I had liked in the first two is how well developed the two boys were and how different they were and their relationships with Clara. I consistently understood how and why she was torn and I agreed with her in each decision she made in her relationships with them. Till this book.

I thought she should be with Christian. I really did. I hated how she consistently could not make up her mind between the two and kept them both around just making everyone feel worse. She'd tell Christian she wanted to move on and then devastate him with her thoughts and she kept showing up at Tucker's. Honestly when Tucker died at the end I thought that well, now she'll choose Christian, though by default. And then the ressurection and oh gee Tucker's going to live longer than the average human (I'll guess around 120 years?) aka putting them back together. Too neatly wrapped up.I agree with Christian for choosing to distance himself from her. He cared for her and it's not fair to him to be subjected to that. I did enjoy the overall storyline though it was a bit predicable (knew the gf was evil). I did love the scene with her and her mom.

(show spoiler)