Proof by Seduction

Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan

Another fun Courtney Milan historical romance. This one takes place years after the prequel novella, This Wicked Gift. In that story, William White helped the younger Gareth Carhart take control of his fortune. Now about 10 years later Gareth is trying to control his younger cousin, Ned, who has been consulting a fortuneteller for two years.


Said fortuneteller, "Madame Esmerelda", aka Jenny Keeble, has been helping Ned after first meeting him as a suicidal 19-year-old. She told him that his fortunes would be good and has helped keep him in good spirits since their first meeting. Ned believes her powers are real and she and Gareth agree on a wager to test her abilities.


The two of them end up drawn together and Ned gets himself in trouble trying to help prove Madame Esmerelda's fortune.