Burned (Fever: Dani O'Malley) - Karen Marie Moning, Natalie Ross, Phil Gigante

Back to the Fever series. This was the first one to come out since I had caught up on the series, and it was another great book. I do feel a bit bad for the series, since it is clear that based on the backlash Iced got, the idea of a Dani O'Malley trilogy is gone.


I was looking through Shadowfever while listening to this and it says at the beginning that this ends Mac's story. Burned follows multiple POVs and Mac's is the most prevalent and drives the story. Maybe at one point her story was going to be done, but this book goes firmly back into Mac's storyline.  Dani is in this book, but at a much reduced time that I think she would have if the original storyline idea had been followed. This book felt like KMM either dropped or condensed most of her story.


I still really liked the book and I love Mac. I wish I had been able to read the original plan, even though there would have been less of her.


The book did jump around a bit more than I'd like, but the story is fun and exciting. One highlight was the chapters from the perspective of Lor, one of the nine

or based off the end, is it the ten now?

(show spoiler)


Both narrators are incredible in the accents that they can do and Phil Gigante's Lor was the highlight. Recommended if you enjoy the series. The eighth book, Feverborn is already scheduled to come out in the fall :)