Mr. Kiss and Tell

Mr. Kiss and Tell - Jennifer Graham, Rob Thomas

Can we please get about 20 more of these? I love Veronica Mars and though we likely won't be seeing more of her on the big screen (though I loved the movie and supporting it) her story continuing through books is paying off. I have thoroughly enjoyed both books so far and hope that more will be on the way.


Mr. Kiss and Tell takes place about eight months after the previous book and involves Veronica being hired to investigate a possible rape at the Neptune Grand for which the victim is suing. She feels invested in the case due to her past and the identity of the victim.


We do also get the return of Logan who was overseas during the entire last book and I love (LoVe) seeing them in a relationship again. Logan doesn't have a big part in the book, but I hope we will keep seeing him in the future.


I do love Leo, but it's the same dilemma as Piz versus Logan. The good guy versus the one you are meant to be with. LoVe forever!!!!

(show spoiler)


We also got to pick up on the Weevil storyline where it left off in the movie and another sheriff election.


Please let there be more...