Talon - Julie Kagawa

So take your Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo works for the Order of Saint George and Juliet is a dragon who is learning to assimilate with humans, aka Garrett and Ember. St. George almost hunted dragons to extinction so since then dragons have stayed out of the public eye. They live and train their young and can shift into human form. The Order of St. George hunts dragons. All in modern times with teenagers. That pretty much sums up the book.

I love dragons. Really love dragons. And while there were parts of the story I liked, there was also a love triangle introduced about halfway through that will likely become more of focus in the future books. A lot of the world set up also felt undeveloped due to it being secretive.

Regardless, I'm curious enough to see where it will go and like the author enough that I will keep reading. Also I really like dragons.