The Line

The Line - J.D. Horn

Another kindle first freebie that I picked up at one point. It's about Mercy, the youngest in a long line of witches. She comes from one of the thirteen lines of witches who shifted the world away from one run by demons many years ago.

Three of the families regretted what they did and split off. The remaining ten, one of which is Mercy's, continue to coexist. Each line has an anchor whose role isn't exactly known, but it's held by a powerful member of each family and helps keep their world separate.

But Mercy has no magic. In all the generations she is the first dud, and called a disappointment by many. Her fraternal twin, Maise is one of the most powerful witches born in generations and is expected to be the next anchor.

After Mercy goes outside the family to a Hoodoo witch to change her affections from her sister's boyfriend to her childhood friend, the anchor of her family line is found murdered and a set of events start which upturn her entire life.

I liked the book. It had good world building though I did wonder if magic is always passed on, the families should be a lot bigger by now. Mercy's family has experienced misfortunes which explain why her branch is small, but it seems like the split happened so long ago, there should be more of them.

There were a lot of good twists and secrets and I liked the characters. I would definitely read the next of this series.