Bridesmaid Lotto

Bridesmaid Lotto - Rachel Astor

Positive thoughts. There were some funny lines.


Otherwise, not a lot of good. A Manhattan socialite is getting married to someone, whose brother is a movie star. Instead of choosing her nearest and dearest to stand up with her, she holds a raffle, $10 a ticket with half going to charity, to become her bridesmaid.


Josie McMaster is entered by her mother and is chosen to be one of the bridesmaids. She also has had a long standing crush on the aforementioned actor future brother-in-law of the bride.


Most of the characters exist solely to serve Josie and her needs and we never learn anything about them past their surface.


Josie, who was nicknamed McMaster the Disaster in high school, also keeps a journal of her disastrous happenings, which she reads throughout the book, to remind herself that she is a disaster. Biggest red flag for character most in need of a therapist I have ever read. I would not read another in the series.