Undivided - Neal Shusterman

I love finishing a series. I will say I felt the ending was a bit HEA and ended abruptly at the same time. But I still really liked it and think it fit the storyline.


One of my favorite aspects of the book was all the political ads.  Having just come off another election season, they were very true to form and added a lot to the book.


Spoilers from here.


One criticism would be that this book felt more like the second half of UnSouled versus its own book. Considering there was only supposed to be three, that's probably why.  If he had combined this and UnSouled, it would have either been overly long or he would have had to cut out a lot which would not have worked. But the first two books did have definite endings and beginnings and I do prefer that.


Thinking we lost Connor and Lev within 10 pages of each other was slightly devastating though both did end up making it through the book. A rewound Connor was fairly creepy. I did want to see more out of his reunion with his family, especially after having the scene of him going to the house.


Overall, a great series that I think was well done from the first book to the last.

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