Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War - Karl Marlantes, Bronson Pinchot

Okay. This was a heavy (emotions wise) book. Written by a former marine who fought in Vietnam and that he's been trying to publish for 30 years, it does not pull any punches. None. 

Granted, I have never been in war or any branches of the military. So I really have no idea how realistic it is. But it feels real.


It's a book with leeches, headaches, starvation, dehydration, guns, tensions, racial issues, dislike, hate, prejudice, insane war tactics, characters you will adore, characters you will hate with a fiery passion, and so much more.


I highly recommend this book. Particularly if you enjoy war books.


I don't know if I would recommend the audiobook. There are a lot of characters and it was hard to keep them straight at the beginning. Also, there is a Bostonian, and the narrator (while he was good) did not do a Boston accent any sort of justice. 


The main character, Lt. Mellias started off a bit iffy for me. I wasn't sure if I would like him, but he grew on me and became one of my favorite characters. The book does go from the point of views of other characters, but it is primarily set around Mellias and I did grow to love him by the end. Super spoilery thoughts under the thing below.


Hawk. Not Hawk!!! The entire book I fell for him and then how he goes out just killed me. I thought he was safe at that point. That killed me. 

(show spoiler)