The Heiress Effect

The Heiress Effect - Courtney Milan

Book 2 in the Brothers Sinister series. This book focuses on Oliver, the half brother of the Duke from the first book, who was raised in the working class, but he has high ambitions and plans to achieve them.


Miss Jane Fairfield is known as the "Feather Heiress". With a dowry of a hundred thousand pounds, you'd imagine that she would have suitors beating down her door. But she doesn't. Could it be her horrific blinding fashion sense in which there is no such thing as too much or too bright? Her lack of a filter and ability to offend everyone within 30 seconds of meeting them? Maybe...


Jane doesn't want to get married. At least not for another 400ish days. And she plans to drive off anyone who would even consider her in the meantime. Oliver wants to be Prime Minister one day, but for now he's struggling to get support for voting reform. A former classmate offers to support the vote, if Oliver humiliates Jane. But as they meet and get to know each other, Oliver realizes there's more to Jane than the outrageous heiress everyone tolerates due to the "heiress effect".


Jane was so much fun to read about. She may be my new favorite female character for romance novels.


Add in a ton of interesting and diverse secondary characters such as agoraphoic aunts, frenemy sisters, spunky sisters, and good and evil doctors, and you have a great romance novel. Highly recommended.