Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Volume 9

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 9 - Naoko Takeuchi, Mari Morimoto

Volume 9 continues the Dead Moon Circus storyline which I am enjoying. The first four chapters each focused on a different scout as they were given a chance to get their deepest desires (or what they thought it was) before realizing it was a trick and overcoming those thoughts to gain a new transformation, since they haven't been able to transform since the circus came to town.


Finally managed to use that phrase :)


My favorite chapter was Minako's which was the last of the four. She's the only one at that point who hasn't been able to transform, and as the leader of the inner scouts, she's been getting more and more worried about it. She delibertly puts herself in a trap so that she will hopefully get a chance to break through her transformation barrier. She goes to an idol audition (which was set up to lure her there) and ends the chapter hanging off a platform only being held on by Artemis. Not a good position to be in. Not only is he a cat, but he just got crushed by a large hail stone.


The next chapter jumps to the outer scouts, who took off after the battle with the Deathbusters to raise the baby Hotaru. Hotaru has been growing and is already the size of a four-year-old, despite being a baby six months ago. She gets a visit from her Sailor Saturn self who ages her up to 10ish and gets her memories back. Hotaru tells the rest of the outers that they are needed and off they go to help the rest of the guardians.


Meanwhile, Minako's been hanging on. I was worried I'd have to wait until the next book for her conclusion. Artemis realizes that she hasn't been able to transform because he wasn't strong enough. He manages to transform into his human form (which I know exists and I've seen the movie with Luna, but I still don't know exactly how it works) and she can finally transform.


Additionally, this volume explains more about Helios and Eylsian which I know some about previously. Queen Nehelenia, the ruler of the Dead Moon captured Helios in his pegasus form and has been planning her attack on the Earth and Elysian for a while now. The total solar eclipse (which happens during a new moon) gave her the door to do so. The attack on Elysian has also affected Mamoru, who gets to consult his guardians again :), and at the end of the chapter, Usagi has also been affected by it.


I did watch the first episode of this arc and I think I will try watch a few more since I have been enjoying it