Lover Reborn

Lover Reborn: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward

Almost caught up with this series, and I was was lucky that yellow/orange cover got called for the SOS Book Shelf Bingo :)


I'm still liking this series and this has made the top half for my overall ranking (which can be seen after the jump).



One thing I did like about this book was that there was a definite passage of time and it takes place over about a year, as opposed to the other books which seem to cover maybe a week or two at a time. Although, now that I mention time, I did have a question if anyone knows the answer. Tohr says at one point that Wellsie died 15 months ago. But she died around the time that Nalla was conceived, and vampire pregnancies take 18 months and Nalla's been since book six. Is there a BDB timeline anyone knows of?


I can see that the story is also starting to move away from the Lessers and going to more infighting with vampires, particularly with the Brotherhood of Bastards who showed up in the last book, but didn't really do much.


The couple for this book was Tohrment and No'One/Autumn. Her original name was mentioned once, but I unfortunately don't remember it. This was an interesting pairing since when the series started Tohr was happily mated to Wellsie, but she was killed by lessers in the third book, and then he took off, not to be seen again till the sixth book I think?


When he did show up, it was because an angel, Lassiter, brought him back. It wasn't till this book that we found out why. For Lassiter to be gain salvation, he has to help Tohr free Wellsie and their unborn son from basically purgatory where they've been stuck since Tohr won't let go of them.


Tohr does start up a relationship with Autumn, but holds on to his baggage for dear life. One of the other main storylines was the chasm between John and Xhex after he forbids her to fight, well she isn't too happy about that. He also is pretty uncomfortable with Tohr moving on since he also misses Wellsie. Luckily both of the guys do work through their issues.


There was a fair amount of angst in this book, but some fun moments as well. I enjoyed the ones with Lassiter most, particularly when he makes Tohr watch romantic comedies. I think he's sticking around and I hope to see more of him.

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10. Lover Revealed - Never liked Butch as a character and using baby as a term of endearment creeps me out. I did like Marissa's development and changes over the course of the book.

9. Lover Unbound - Almost no progress on the overall storyline and while I didn't dislike the Jane/Vishous, I was not able to get into rooting for them like I have for other couples.

8. Dark Lover - The first book always has to setting up the world while also having a romance. It did a good job of getting me into the series and I do like Wrath and Beth, but it felt rushed and I don't like it as much as the other books.

7. Lover Enshrined - I wanted to knock sense into Phury the entire book, but he did pull through and I like the changes he made to the society and I really liked Cormia.

6. Lover Revealed - Nothing against Rhage and Mary, but I love Zsadist and Bella and this is where their story starts

5. Lover Unleashed - Overall liked and there were a lot of other plot threads that kept me interested.

4. Lover Mine - Really good progress on the overall story and I liked the couple.

3. Lover Reborn - Just edged out Lover Mine, mainly because it kinda continued that storyline with John and Xhex, but was overall a better book

2. Lover Avenged - Really good progress on the overall story and I loved the couple.

1. Lover Awakened - Bella and Zsadist are hands down my favorite couple and this was a great book. Gah the ending!!