Blazing the Trail

Blazing the Trail - Deborah Cooke

The Dragon Diaries trilogy was another series I picked up when I started reading again. As usual, because it had to do with dragons. After I read the first book I found out that it was connected (though stands on its own) to a PNR series by the same author, but taking place years later and focuses on the 15-16 year old daughter of one of the protaganists. I've meant to finish this series for a while and finally did.


It's been about two years since I read the first two books, I think initially this wasn't out and then none of the libraries near me stocked it. I did remember the basics of who the people were (but not their names) and what had happened.


I did not like this story as much. It felt very rushed and jumped from point to point and was confusing with Zoe basically having visions of the future and things that didn't or hadn't happened yet. The series in general was okay, and it did wrap up the main plot line with the mages which had started in Flying Blind.


There is a love triangle/square/ish thing throughout the series, but I wasn't surprised at who she ended up with. The love aspect did take up a lot of Zoe's thoughts, which was annoying at times, but it didn't overshadow the plot which I liked.


I think I will try out the PNR series attached to this and I think I would read books set in the world past this. But, if there had been another book in the series, I'm not sure if I would have picked it up.