The Emperor's Blades

The Emperor's Blades - Brian Staveley

The Emperor's Blades is a new epic fantasy series. I heard about it first in a review here on Booklikes and then saw that the author was doing signings in my area and I managed to meet him and get a copy.


A few superficial positives, awesome cover, though the author even admitted that they don't track the characters too closely, and the series will be finished soon :) The second book is already finished and will be out in the beginning of 2015 and he's finishing up the third one to be released probably in the beginning of 2016. As a fantasy reader, I live in fear of unfinished series.


So this trilogy starts as most do, with a death. The Emperor of Annur has died. He has three children who are scattered over the empire. Adare, the eldest, has the golden eyes which qualify her for the throne, but her sex disqualifies her. She has grown up in the palace and is the most familiar with court politics. She has the least amount of chapters, and according to the author almost wasn't in the book. But apparently she will be the main focus of the second book and its cover (which is also gorgeous). Her small part does show her start to investigate who murdered her father and I look forward to seeing where she goes in the next book.


Valyn is male, but his eyes are black. He was sent away from the palace as a youth to join the Kettral, which is a group of elite soldiers who fly into battle on gigantic hawks. After learning of his father's death, he works to finish his training so that he can be sent out to retrieve the heir. Oh and someone is trying to kill him.


Kaden, the youngest at 17 is male with golden eyes and has been raised as the heir. Unlike other series, it's not that glamorous. Like his older brother, he was sent away as a child to live with monks in a remote area of the empire. News travels slowly so most of his story deals with his training and learning secrets of his land.


I look forward to seeing where this series goes. I enjoyed the first book, but I need the rest.