Jon Stewart: Beyond the Moments of Zen

Jon Stewart: Beyond the Moments of Zen - Bruce Watson

Beyond the Moments of Zen is a short biography about one of everyone's (well many people's) favorite polictical comedian, or their favorite comedic politician. To me, he is always a comedian first. I do not think you can deny how influential he has been on modern US politics.


The book starts at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear and the first chapter gives a brief history of his childhood and by the end he had taken over The Daily Show from Craig Kilborn, now renamed The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


The book is more of a greatest hits with many quotations and information about his show. Since I'm an avid watcher, though not so much recently, I did know most of the information, but it was fun to be reminded of all the great shows he has had.


My personal favorite will always be his show when they came back after 9/11. I wasn't watching at the time, but I have seen that clip numerous times since: