January and First Quarter Challenges

January 2014 Challenges:


None! Past my personal challenge (below). I signed up for a bunch of yearly and quarterly challenges and I didn't find a monthly one that interested me, so I decided to give myself a bit of a break.


Personal Monthly Challenge:

Random pick (me):
Random pick (other):
2014 Release
Kindle owned
Shelf owned


For the random pick by other, I actually need some help. Please pick a book from this shelf and post below. I will read it this month. Thanks!


2014 1st Quarter Challenges:


All will be tracked here.


Bookworm Bitches TBR Cleanup Challenge:

Read 7 books based on my TBR list to clean it up a bit.


Rated YA-MA New, New, and New 2014 Edition Challenge:

Read books from six different categories by new authors. 


2014 Reading Challenge Chinese Zodiac Challenge:

Read 12 books inspired by the Chinese Zodiac.