The Cursed Towers - Kate Forsyth

I found a map of Eileanan online! It really helped me figure out where the characters were.


My other issue now is that I do have trouble keeping track of all the minor characters. The major ones I understand and can follow but most of the minor lords all bleed into one and unless they make a specific reference I honestly have no idea who they are.


I was a bit surprised when I finished the last book since I expected most of the series to be about Lachlan trying to get control of the land back from Maya, but that was done at the end of book two. Granted, there is still a power struggle between the two and a fair amount of this book focused on Maya's attempt to get back into power. I will be interested to see where she goes from the ending of this book. I doubt that we have seen the last of her. I should hopefully be starting The Forbidden Land this week.