Snow Crash

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson, Jonathan Davis

My second audiobook. Johnathan Davis is an excellent narrator. I was not sure if anyone could live up to Libba Bray and was pleasently surprised. Audiobooks take FOREVER to get through, but I'm enjoying the practice and I get to use my commutes to read which I enjoy. I really liked this book. It did get a bit info-dumpy at times but I would sometimes tune it out. I like books that involve religions without being religious. I almost want to pick up a book about ancient Sumer to learn more.


The first chapter drew me in with the pizza delivery that I knew was going to go wrong but was so interesting. How can you not love a main character named Hiro Protaginist. That is a good character name. I get frustrated when authors use the most obscure made up names for sci-fi or fantasy novels. I also really liked Y.T. and Uncle Enzo. Though Davis's Y.T. voice always creeped me out a bit. His Uncle Enzo voice was perfect. Raven was also really well done.One of my favorite things I have found about audiobooks is when I get into it I can get so excited and animated that I am very happy no one is around me.



In particular the whole Raven-Y.T. scene

When they first met:"Y.T. no, just don't no. You don't have your dentata do you?"

When she found out who he was:"Okay, now you realized what you got yourself into, get away"

When she left with him to his room:"You don't have your dentata..."

When she started remembering that she forgot something:"You do have the dentata!!"

And when she finally remembered about the dentata I had already died of laughter.

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The other part that really drew me into the story is the fact that this was written in 1992 and, while it did come across as dated occasionally, was spot on in many respects. I enjoyed this more than Reamde, but I think I will avoid his longer books due to his propensity to drag stories out and info-dumping.