Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 1 - Gail Carriger, Rem

I read this as a group read. The book Soulless had already come to my attention and is on my to read list. I was happy to get a preview of the book in this format. I think that the storyline was rushed since it fit the entirety of the novel into a manga whereas usually when that happens there are at least two graphic novels for a full novel. I also do not totally understand what a preternatural is. But the story was exciting and I liked the drawings and characters. My favorite panel is the one about grovelling. I look very forward to picking up the novel and reading that series. I think I will also read the manga as it comes out but I'd like to read the novels first.


ETA: Entire boxed set of Parasol Protectorate novels for kindle for $20. I am very happy right now.