The Winner's Curse

The Winner's Curse (Winner's Trilogy, #1) - Marie Rutkoski

September was really the month of me reading books I had heard a lot about. 


The Winner's Curse had a ton of buzz coming out. Mid/late 2013 the book got a few glowing reviews from YA reviewers on Goodreads. That along with an interesting summary and a gorgeous cover got me to preorder it. And then it sat for a few months.


I am glad I finally sat down and read it. It's set in a fantasy europeish society, but there's no magic. The book focuses on Kestral, the daughter of a general for the Valorian empire. They live in the conquered lands of the Herrani people. It's an interesting society that at the age of 20 you have to either be married or join the army. Interestingly, her father wishes for her to join the army since he thinks she has a good strategic mind. She also has a friend's brother who has expressed interest in her. Kestral wishes there was a third path. 


While at the market, she ends up at a slave auction and is compelled to buy a Herrani man, named Arin. The first part of the story revolves around the two getting to know each other and while there are some interesting parts, the story doesn't really get going until about halfway through. Then it was able to grab me and I am now slightly desperate for the next book (though then I'll have to wait again for the third). 


I will say that the love story seemed a bit clunky in the beginning. It wasn't until the second half that I was able to really get into it. Otherwise great book.